A Very Patrick Christmas is an animated Christmas special made to commemorate Mustache Maniacs Film Co.'s fifth anniversary and to promote the then in-development Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile. The film starts with a visit to a movie set, followed by a short film of Patrick visiting his parents for the holidays.

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Plot Summary Edit

WARNING: This section contains spoilers. If you do not want to find out what happens, skip to the next section.

The film opens at the TBC news studio, where newscasters Rick and Bob introduce the special. They explain that coming in 2010 is the film Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile, which is filming in Cairo, Egypt. To cover the filming, they hand the newscast over to Wendy Simmons, who is interviewing Johnny Thunder on the set. However, she only talks to him briefly, as director Steven Lawrence calls him over to film the movie's bus chase sequence. After filming a few takes, a PA calls everyone off-set for a union break. In the meantime, the bus chase sequence from the movie plays out as a pseudo-teaser.

Back at the news studio, Rick and Bob mention that, after the cancellation of the comic Patrick's Adventures, which would later become Tales of the Adventurers, the fans wanted something with Patrick. Because of that, the news crew will be following Patrick home for the holidays.

Inside the Winter Village house of Patrick's parents, Patricia, Patrick's mother, and Porkins, Patrick's father, get ready for their son to come home for the holidays. Just then, Patrick arrives, who is welcomed in. As he heads upstairs to wrap a gift, he mentions that a special guest is coming, which confuses his parents. After Patrick wraps his present, he puts it underneath the tree.

Outside, the guest arrives at Patrick's house, only to recoil in horror at the excessive overuse of tacky decorations. Not amused, he heads to the front door.

Answering the door, Patrick welcomes his guest - Lord Sam Sinister - into the house. After a brief introduction, dinner finishes cooking. They all sit down to eat, with Lord Sinister complimenting Patricia's cooking. He then digs into Patricia's signature Christmas Delights, but cracks a tooth on his first bite. After finding out that the Christmas Delights are actually made out of meta-musil wafers, Lord Sinister rushes to the bathroom. There, he decides he should make the most of the night.

When he returns to the table, Patrick brings Lord Sinister his present. Ripping it open, Lord Sinister finds a picture of himself and Patrick in front of a Christmas Tree, a gift he detests. After some banter, Santa Claus comes down the chimney, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Giving out gifts, Patricia gets more meta-musil wafers, Porkins gets a toy robot, and Patrick gets a jack-in-the-box. Lord Sinister, being a villain, doesn't get any good presents. However, since coal has become too expensive for Santa to invest in, he gives Lord Sinister a can of Vienna sausages instead. After Santa leaves, Patricia tries to cheer up Lord Sinister, which throws him into a fit of rage.

Production History Edit

After The Adventures of Legoman was slammed critically, several films were cancelled, including Ghost Pictures and Alpha Team: The Movie. Around this time, several films to fill the time before the release of Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile, like Black Friday, were conceived, but these too fell through. Eventually, the only films to stay in development were Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile and Forest of Fear.

However, what would eventually become A Very Patrick Christmas was announced on September 21, 2009, the same day Patrick's Adventures was cancelled. As the second Johnny Thunder film was being made, pre-production started with writing a scene that would feature a set for the movie. Initially, the main part of the film, Patrick's visit to his parent's home, wasn't even part of the movie. In the original film, the whole special would be in the TBC news studio, with news reports coming in from around Legotown. Eventually, the entire film was re-written to focus on Johnny Thunder-related content. Even then, the once lengthy Johnny Thunder interview was cut down for time.

With a little help from LEGO's then-new Winter Village line-up, the newscast became a Christmas special in its own right, as focus continued to shift away from the newsroom and towards the holiday short film. After massive tweaking, the film was finally ready to unveil on December 9, 2009.

Audience Reception Edit

Right from its release, audiences loved the film, giving it rave reviews. Movie critic Movieguider73 even gave the film a rare 5/5 star rating. Though the film it was promoting has long since been released, A Very Patrick Christmas has become a holiday tradition for many dedicated Mustache Maniacs Film Co. fans.

Mistakes Edit

  • Visual Error: During the interview with Johnny Thunder, the backdrop occasionally sways and the camera shifts at one point.

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Trivia Edit

  • In a faux letter that complained about how commercialism had overtaken Mustache Maniacs Film Co., this film was mentioned as an example of that commercialism. However, the letter was rebutted by Mustache Maniacs Film Co. fans.
  • The voice actors who play Patrick's parents, Eunice and Wes Rudnick, are in actuality the parents of Garrett Schelske, the voice actor who plays Patrick.
  • The deleted scene that features Johnny Thunder referring to the signs to the set as having names such as "Sphinx Boils" and "Scarab Plague" is a nod to an actual Hollywood tactic to ward off the press, where directional signs to movie sets are printed with unreadable code names.
  • Lawrence "Gato" Bermudez was cast as the Toymaker's Cat because director Andrew Bermudez felt that the cat meow sound effects on file sounded too mean.


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