List of Characters are all of the characters that have appeared in Mustache Maniacs Film Co. movies, whether they be real, fictional, or otherwise. They populate the worlds of the Mustache Maniacs Film Co.'s movies and stories, driving these narratives. Any characters marked with an asterisk were cut from the finished film, or the film they appeared in was never released.

Original CharactersEdit

Original Characters are characters that were created exclusively for Mustache Maniacs Film Co. films and fan films.

Stop-Motion Animation CharactersEdit

Johnny Thunder Franchise CharactersEdit

Live Action CharactersEdit

Traditional Animation CharactersEdit

Fan Film Characters Edit

Non-Film Characters Edit

LEGO Canon ImmigrantsEdit

LEGO Canon Immigrants are characters in Mustache Maniacs Film Co. movies that originally appeared in LEGO's line of toy products or other merchandise.

LEGO Adventurers CharactersEdit

LEGO Alpha Team CharactersEdit

LEGO Time Cruisers CharactersEdit

LEGO Wild West CharactersEdit

LEGO Pharaoh's Quest CharactersEdit

LEGO Island CharactersEdit

  • Pepper Roni
  • Sky Lane
  • The Infomaniac*
  • The Brickster
  • Mama Brickolini
  • Papa Brickolini
  • Nick Brick
  • Laura Brick
  • Bologna Roni
  • Bill Ding
  • Dr. Clickitt
  • Nubby Stevens
  • Nancy Nubbins
  • Margaret Patricia "Maggie" Post
  • Ed Mail
  • Valerie Stubbins
  • Snap Lockitt
  • Red Greenbase
  • Polly Gone*
  • Shiney Doris*
  • Bradford Brickford*
  • Rhoda Hogg*
  • Jack O'Trades
  • DJ Jackitt
  • Marty Snaps*
  • Buck Pounds*
  • Gideon Worse*
  • Enter
  • Return
  • Studs Linkin*
  • Dorothy Funberg*
  • Glen Funberg*
  • Captain D. Rom
  • Captain Click*
  • Mr. Super*
  • Mr. & Mrs. Pollywanna*
  • Darren*
  • Rich Pickings*
  • Steve Hen*
  • Rob Banks*
  • Technician Bob*
  • Pete Bog*
  • Super Station Master*
  • Brickster-Bot
  • Gnarly Bones*
  • Shugu*
  • Brian Shrimp*
  • Jenny*
  • Jimmy*
  • Timmy*
  • The Director*
  • Liam Lense*
  • Phil Maker*
  • Penelope Puff*
  • Belinda Blink*
  • Lucky Larry*
  • Luna Rom*
  • Arnold*
  • Bumpy Kindergreen*

LEGO City CharactersEdit

LEGO Atlantis CharactersEdit

LEGO Ninjago CharactersEdit

LEGO Minifigures CharactersEdit

LEGO Arctic CharactersEdit

LEGO Sports CharactersEdit

LEGO Agents CharactersEdit

LEGO Dino Attack CharactersEdit

LEGO Monster Fighters CharactersEdit

LEGO Universe CharactersEdit

Pioneer Drama Service Canon ImmigrantsEdit

Pioneer Drama Service Canon Immigrants are characters that were originally created for a Pioneer Drama Service play performed by either the Cornerstone Thespian Society or Park Players.

Kilroy Was Here! CharactersEdit

Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen CharactersEdit

Mystery at Shady Acres CharactersEdit

The Nifty Fifties CharactersEdit

Unwrapped CharactersEdit

The Rented Christmas Characters Edit

The Prince and the Pauper Characters Edit

To Be Expanded.

Miscellaneous Canon ImmigrantsEdit

Miscellaneous Canon Immigrants are characters in Mustache Maniacs Film Co. movies that first appeared in additional mediums.

Movie CharactersEdit

Folklore CharactersEdit

Real-Life Persona CharactersEdit

DINO ATTACK RPG Characters Edit

Other CharactersEdit

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