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Porkins is the father of Patrick and husband of Patricia from A Very Patrick Christmas. He is not as clueless as his wife and is a little immature.


Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

Porkins has a big smile, big eyes, and a giant mustache on his face. He wears a red hat, a red sweater to match, and brown pants.

Characteristics Edit

Porkins is a caring father to Patrick who has a little more common sense, but as much brain as his son. He loves the Christmas season and deeply cares for his wife, Patricia. He is also a little immature, as he collects and plays with toy robots.

Trivia Edit

  • This character is named after Porkins, a minor character from the Star Wars saga.
  • The actor who plays this part, Wes Rudnick, is the real-life father to Garrett Schelske, the voice actor for Patrick.

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