Solarum Micro Chip is a small device from Solarum and B.I.O. Corps that plays a strong role in advancing the over-arching plot line for Project U. Pete Slips steals one in the former film, which is one of millions inserted into Solarum Industries devices.

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Canon Details Edit

  • Canon Element Type: Device
  • Function: Make Solarum Devices more efficient.
  • Appearances: Solarum; B.I.O. Corps (not yet released)
  • Real or Fictional: Fictional

History Edit

No history has been unveiled about the micro chips due to confidentiality.

Functions Edit

According to Cromwell Powell, COO of Solarum Industries, the micro chips were suggested to him by a close associate in order to make their products more efficient.

Trivia Edit

  • These micro chips were introduced into Solarum in order to bring the film's story into Project U.

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