When Barrels Fly is an animated entry for's THAC 8 contest and was the screen debut for Ulysses S. Powell. It was made in one day for the said contest, but did not win.

When Barrels Fly Poster

Film DetailsEdit

  • Release Date: December 18, 2010
  • Running Time: 2 min.
  • MPAA Rating: n/a
  • Director: Andrew Bermudez
  • Producer: Andrew Bermudez
  • Writer: Andrew Bermudez

Plot SummaryEdit

WARNING: This section contains spoilers. If do not want to find out what happens, skip to the next section.

The film opens in the desert in 1882 with Ulysses S. Powell, a Union soldier, wishing he could fly. An out-of-control wagon smashes into a rock and sends the barrel inside flying. It lands on a distant scorpion, giving Ulysses an idea.

Later in the town of Legorado, Ulysses unveils his flying machine that he has christened the "Mega Wing." Everyone laughs at his contraption, which he puts to the test. However, the control lever breaks off, causing more laughter. Upset, Ulysses buys all of the dynamite at the general store and straps it to the bottom of the Mega Wing. He lights it, causing it to explode and send the Mega Wing high in the air.

Up in the air, the Mega Wing and Ulysses travel through a time portal. When they emerge, the Mega Wing crashes into a prehistoric jungle. Ulysses emerges unharmed, but is chased into a cave by a T-rex. Inside the cave, he meets Amelia Earhart, who has also just arrived there.

In the 1930's, Ulysses' descendants listen to a broadcast about Amelia Earhart disappearing, which prompts the dad to remember the disappearance of Ulysses S. Powell. His son begs him to tell the story.

Production HistoryEdit

While not formulated at the time, an entry to THAC 8 was announced on November 26, 2010 right after Wonders of Buoyancy was released, being described as a contest entry that will be made in 24 hours.

The film itself was produced in its entirety on December 17, 2010, from script to screen. In the original script that was quickly written, Squidward Tentacles from Plankton Strikes Back! was going to make a cameo, but this sequence was deemed too ridiculous. Other than that, the script stayed virtually the same. However, time travel was added to the film during brainstorming.

This film was a truly collaborative production, as sets were rapidly built as filming was conducted. One trick was to make sure that the two mod elements, M and/or a red brick and green brick touching, were visible in every scene, so the sets had to be built with the mod elements integrated. Despite the challenges faced, the film was completed on time. It was released the following day.

Audience ReceptionEdit

While it did not win the contest, it did become one of the twenty-five finalists and did receive praise for its concept. Because of its success, Ulysses S. Powell became a major Mustache Maniacs Film Co. character, appearing in both Late for the Soccer Match and the Project U film A Future in the Past.




  • The was the screen debut of Ulysses S. Powell.
  • The name of the general store in Legorado is Brick-a-Thon, the name of the Bricklink store that sponsored THAC 8.
  • Although not really suggested, this film is loosely based on the LEGO Wild West product line.


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